Loving Dog Care in my Home with 3 Fenced Acres of Fun!

Hi, I'm Anna - Thanks for considering me to care for you Dog(s). I give LOTS of Love & Support. I do not work outside the home, I am here all the time except for occasional Grocery or Errands runs. I have Medical Experience (used to be a people-nurse)
Dog Parents receive Photos of their Dogs while here. This is a Home, it's not a Kennel; no cages, pens or runs. I have an enormous amount of dog-Experience - I know all their tricks and potential risks. No Guest has ever had any emergency while with me.
If you let your Dog(s) sleep in bed & lounge on the furniture, then so will I.
Three FENCED ACRES of Fun outside! Lots to explore and do. My Dog Door makes it easy for me to Host Puppies and the "not-quite-housebroken".
Training Available too.
This is what is called "Communal Boarding"; dogs live loose in my home and my fenced yard - together - just like in your home. So Guests must get along well with other dogs. (but I do not have cats, kids, or men).

  • The Day Begins with Snuggles…..
    All dogs who sleep in bed with me, or in the Bedroom get snuggles and hugs while I wake-up.
  • Up and out of bed and everybody Outside for Morning PeePees.
  • Help Anna with Morning Outdoor Chores
  • Dogs should Check the stones around the Goldfish Pond for Chipmunks! and scan the wood for new smells.
  • Back in the House for Doggie Breakfast served in the Kitchen or private Dining area (the Foyer is handy for this, so is the bathroom or the bedroom – some dogs just need to be by themselves while eating and that’s fine)
  • Outdoor and indoor Play
  • Training Time for any dogs who signed-up for Training
  • More Outdoor and indoor play, alternating with relaxing in the Great Room with Anna while she does housework and email
  • Afternoon: Group Hike through the Woods of the Cottage
  • Free Time to dig tunnels, find the best stick, bury bones & play Tag, Wrestling and Hide & Go Seek with the other dogs.
  • More Training for those Dog who signed-up for Training
  • Six PM Doggie Dinner
  • Outside for Evening Ball Throw with Anna on the Main Path of the Woods
  • After Dark, mostly lounging in the Great Room with Anna, watching Animal Channel and "Lassie" re-runs
  • Before Bed Time, Everyone Outside for Final PeePees.
  • Into Sleep locations; personal Dog Beds, in bed with Anna, wherever is best.
  • Nite-Nite Cookies * Tuck-in * followed by Sweet Doggie Dreams Next Day... Wake Up and Repeat!
About My Home:
Yard (no fence)
Yard (fenced in)
Non-smoking household
I have other pets
Children present
Pets allowed on furniture
Pet Size:
Small: 0-20 lbs
Medium: 21-40 lbs
Large: 41-80
Extra Large: 81+
Pet Age:
0-3 years
4-8 years
9+ years
Additional Skills:
Oral medication administration
Injected medication administration
Provides daily exercise
Senior dog experience
Special needs dog experience
I provide daily photo updates.:
Other Details About Me: I was born an animal lover and Dogs are the best of all ! I designed and built my home, specifically to accommodate dogs and hope to share it with yours whenever you need a home-away-from-home for them – with lots of love & cuddles. Customized Care for Your Dog(s) This is my Home, not a “kennel”, and your Dog(s) become Family Members while they visit. Very little is “off-limits” here, as far as I’m concerned. But if you prefer I have your dog maintain more “boundaries” and rules while here, just tell me. I designed this house and yard specifically for Dogs. So, the house, floor and furniture is virtually “dog-proof”. Dogs can sleep wherever they/you want; in the bed with me, in the bed room with me, in the Great Room… whatever is best. The house has a dog door so, unless you say differently, your dog(s) can run in and out as they please. Kennels, cages & crates: I don’t use them unless you want it. This is Customized Care and I do understand that some dogs find it comforting and familiar. You know your dog best and I will do what you tell me. No other humans live here, and the environment is very light, bright, happy and healthy. No smoking, no alcohol, and, certainly, no drugs are here – ever… it’s a very wholesome home. I am a mature woman with decades of dog experience. I used to be a Nurse, and hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. So I am better prepared than most to deal with First Aid issues in dogs, and keep an extensive kit of medical supplies on hand. Veterinarians are in the area, should the need arise. Safety is always the first priority, so the Three Acre Grounds are secured with six-foot tall fencing. Inside, your Dog can enjoy what amounts to his or her own, personal Dog Park. Even better, actually, because with all the trees, paths, bushes, smells and things to do – it’s better than most Dog Parks!Please tell me honestly about you Dog(s), especially aggression or any special fears. Having "issues" does not preclude your dog from coming, but I need to be able to plan correctly. "Not-quite House Broken" is OK with me! My house is "Dog-proofed" and I have a Dog Door with constant access to outside. I am open to any/all breeds and I have had Decades of experience with Sight Hounds! I know all their tricks (: I have a BS Degree in Nursing - I am very comfortable with injections, Meds and First Aid.

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