Soraya A

Hi, I’m Soraya and I love dogs! Pet sitting is a great way to interact with all sorts of different dogs and enjoy their unique personalities. I can't have my own dog at this time due to travel, but until 2 years ago I have always had at least one dog in my home and I am so excited to have them back in my life through dog sitting and walking. I am flexible, available and can accommodate your pet's needs.
I am very patient and gentle with animals, and will abide by the training routines and habits as per the owner's instructions. I owned a beagle mix for 12 years until she died of cushings disease. Due to the disease I had to be home to give her bathroom breaks every few hours and she had to be walked everyday so I got a lot of experience managing my time. I have also fostered dogs. I took care of a border collie for six months until a home on a farm was found for her. She gave me a lot of experience in taking care of larger, energetic puppies. I work from home so my schedule allows for odd hours and more frequent visits if necessary.
When I’m not working or dog sitting I am producing music. I just moved to Chicago in January 2017 and my love for this city keeps growing stronger! I live in Humboldt Park and love it so much but I enjoy seeing every part of Chicago so I don’t mind taking a longer trip to a pet sitting job. I would love to meet your dog(s) whether there are tiny or giant and I can handle walking any size. If you have any other questions about my care services, please reach out.

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